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What is it like to be an explorer?

This half term we are studying the author Chris Judge. The key texts we are reading are, The Great Explorer and The Lonely Beast.
If you were an explorer and you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Use the image below to discuss this question with an adult at home.
In English we re-told the story of the Great Explorer in our own words. This half term we have been learning to use descriptive language to interest the reader and use the correct punctuation in our writing. 
We mapped out our story first and orally re-told is using story language. We then used our story maps to help us write our own version of the story.
In Art this half term we are studying the artist Ted Harrison. Can you research and find out any facts and information about Ted Harrison at home?

Ted Harrison's Artwork

We worked with artist Jacqui Smith to learn about the skill of 'blending' colours. We used oil pastels and water colours to recreate some of the colours that Ted Harrison used in his artwork.
In Design Technology this term we designed, made and evaluated a protective cover for an explorer to use. First we looked at wallets and purses to explore which ones had good fastenings and worked well. Using some of those ideas we then designed our own. We followed our designs carefully and at the end of the process we evaluated how effective our protective cover was.
In Science we learnt all about different types of materials and their properties. We investigated what the best material would be to protect an egg and used those materials to design and make an egg box. We made a prediction about what we thought was going to happen and then tested how effective our egg boxes were by dropping them from a height with an egg inside! 
We became explorers outdoors, we learnt survival skills like how to chop wood to make a fire, how to heat food on the fire, how to create a warm, safe space and how to travel safely from place to place! 
In History and Geography we learnt about the life and explorations of Captain Robert Scott.

Can you tell someone at home all about Captain Robert Scott?

Who was he?

Where did he come from?

Where did he travel to?

How did he travel?

What did he wear?

What is he famous for?

How do we know about him today?

How is he remembered?

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