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What has Mrs Burns been up too?

Hello everyone, it’s mrs Burns here! I wanted to let you all know what I’ve been up to! 

As you know when I'm not busy at nursery teaching you all, I am very busy mummy! I have my little girl Elodie who is 4 and my baby boy Ezra who is 1! We have been enjoying spending some extra time together. 

🌧 Week 11 🌧

Where has that beautiful sunshine gone? It is a lot harder when it’s rainy isn’t it? We have tried hard this week to get outside when we can. 


On Monday, when it was still sunny, we didn’t manage to a little bit of learning in the garden! 
Mrs Ahmed has told me that she had been enjoying the sunny weather too! Her and her little boy have been going on lots of walks getting fresh air and exercising! 
Look at these lovely photos she sent me! Zakariya has come across some horses in his walk! Have you seen any animals whilst you have been walking? 
β˜€οΈ Week 10 β˜€οΈ

Hello everyone! 

How are you? Hasn’t the weather been beautiful? I hope you have all been enjoying getting outside and playing. We have been going on lots of walks. We have found lots of new places to walk whilst we have been on lockdown, places on our doorstep that we didn’t even know existed so that’s been lovely! 

We have enjoyed playing in the garden, playing with water and making dens to create a little bit of shade when the sun gets too hot! 

What have you been up too? 

Hopefully  we will get to see each other soon, it’s been such a long time hasn’t it?! 

Take care all of you, 

Mrs Burns xxxx

One day last week, I can’t remember when ( whoops!)

We went to Southport beach! We went on a very windy day as we knew that would mean it wouldn’t be too busy! It’s important we are still remaining socially distant from others. 
No one else was on the beach so it was so nice to run around and play even if the wind did keep blowing baby Ezra over! Have you been anywhere nice? 

β˜€οΈweek 7β˜€οΈ
Hello my little starts, how are you all! We had a lovely week enjoying the sunshine! 

We’ve been enjoying lots of walks in our local area, in fact we have discovered so many new places to enjoy walking during lockdown!

On Friday we celebrated VE Day! This year it was the 75th anniversary of the end of the war! We decorated our house with flags and Elodie baked and made sandwiches for the family. We sat on the front our street and listened to music and ate our lunch! All of the neighbours did the same which was lovely! We couldn’t really talk as we had to stick to the social distancing rules but it was also so nice to see some other people, even if from a far! 

This is a picture of my grandad and his friends! My grandad is the man in the middle at the back! He was 19 on VE day! My grandad was in the war, he worked on a ship! On VE Day this year I spoke to my grandma and she told me how exciting it was when the prime minister told everyone that the war was over! I think we will feel like that when Boris Johnson tells us that the virus has gone!  My grandma was 17 and even though it was 75 years ago she remembers celebrating with her family and  having street parties! She had been evacuated to wales and had lived away from her family for a few years, I can’t imagine how sad that would be!  What an amazing celebration that must have been!!! I hope when we can we can all celebrate with our family and friends.

🌼 week 6 🌼

Hello everyone, I hope you’re well! I can’t believe we are in week 6 now! 

How is everyone? Today I want us to think about our wellbeing! This time can be very overwhelming for both adults and children. I know in my house we have had tears and meltdowns and really tough days! It’s important on those days that we take time to think about the things we are grateful for, enjoying time together as a family! 

When we are feeling overwhelmed I think it helps to concentrate on those little things that make us happy! So this week I would really like you as families to think about that! 
I have attached a sheet, that’s easily adaptable if you can’t print! I would love for you to draw a picture of yourself doing something that makes you happy!!! Anything at all, grown ups can do this too, it’s nice to talk about these things as a family! 

I would love to see your families drawings so please email me on 



Take care 

Mrs Burns xx

Wellbeing Wednesday

It’s Friday!!


Where has the sun gone? This week has been a little bit trickier with all of this rain hasn’t it! We’ve been a bit fed up in the Burns house but we’ve tried hard to keep busy! 

Elodie has been busy doing her work, Ezra has been busy being cheeky!!!!

β˜€οΈ Week 5 β˜€οΈ

Today would have been the start of our summer term, such a shame that we are still apart! Hope you’re all

ok and enjoying the sunshine!


We started our day with a nice walk in the sunshine β˜€οΈ 

We have all been enjoying the sunshine at the burns house hold- especially baby Ezra! 
Mr Burns made Ezra a little water wall so he could practise his pouring skills! He has had lots of fun! 
Elodie has been making cakes using shaving foam and flowers! She then used her phonics to write a recipe in the garden xxx

🐣 Week 4 🐣


I can’t believe it’s our fourth week apart, how are you all? I’m ok but really missing all of you and all of my friends from school. 

This week we have mainly been enjoying the sunshine in the garden! Have you been up to anything nice! 

Elodie has been painting her play house windows, she had lots of fun! 

I’ve been adding lots of ideas for learning at home  on the home learning tab! Check it out and let me know if you manage to complete any of it! 

πŸ’week 3 πŸ’ 

Hope everyone has had a lovely week! It’s nice that the weather has been sunny!!!

I’ve  had a busy week as it’s been Elodie’s 5th birthday’!

Im so happy I’ve had so many emails this week, I’ve been missing all of you, are you missing your friends? 
I have been talking to the other nursery teachers, shall I tell you what they’ve been up too? 

Mrs Ahmed has been keeping busy with her little boy! Today they have been making milkshakes! Her little boy Zakariya  helped to mix all the ingredients! It looks so yummy!!!! I wish I could have one, I’ll have to ask Mrs Ahmed to make me one when I see her 😊 

why don’t you have a go and see if you can make a milkshake too? 

Mrs Malik has also been busy cooking! She has mad some delicious fudge! Why don’t you see if you and your mummy can follow the recipe to make some? 

I hope you all had a good Easter and ate lots and lots of delicious chocolate! Elodie and Ezra enjoyed searching for eggs around our house!! 
Then we did some Easter craft! 

 πŸŒ· week 2 🌷
Can you practise writing your numbers? Don’t forget to let me know how you do!

Number rhymes

Still image for this video

Monday 30th march


Hello everyone, hope you’re all well and keeping safe and happy! Did you have a nice weekend? What have you been up too? Don’t forget to email me on


We joined in with ‘number fun’ live on youtube today! Elodie really enjoyed it! Why don’t you give it a try? Let me know if you enjoyed it! 
This afternoon we have made some flower biscuits! Have you been baking at home? 

take care πŸ§πŸŒ·πŸ’“πŸŒˆ xxxx

We’ve been painting in the burns house!!! Have you been getting creative at home?

Hi everyone!!! It’s Friday!!! Hope you’ve had a lovely week and everyone is being good at home!!!


Elodie enjoyed ‘Painting nails’ today. We did it to help her learn her number bonds but she is a bit older than you are. Why don’t you ask your mummy or daddy to draw dots on the fingers and see if you can match number to quantity?  Email me your beautifully polished nails to

Hope you’re all ok, missing you all so so very much 


Take care 


Mrs Burns xxx

🌈 week 1 🌈

24th March 


Today when I got home from helping Mrs Mason at school me and Elodie baked some delicious banana bread!!! She then worked hard to do some writing all about it! We are hoping to do lots of baking because as you all know I love baking! Why don’t you do some baking at home? 

25th March


This morning we joined in with  ‘ P.E with Jo Wicks’  it’s so important to keep healthy, especially after all that banana cake yesterday!!! Even Ezra tried to join in! 

After P.E we tried to do some of Elodies home

learning, she is in reception at her school! Then we played in the garden. Ezra enjoyed playing with the bubbles and his cars! 

26th March


Today after P.E I helped Elodie with her learning and then we enjoyed playing outside! 

I found a super idea on Instagram! 
If you mix washing up liquid, with a little bit of water and food colouring it makes a really fluffy,  foamy, soapy liquid! Elodie enjoyed having a tea party outside!

How To Draw Ariel

On this YouTube channel you can learn how to draw all sorts of different things! Elodie really enjoyed it!

We really enjoyed learning to draw lots of different things today!

Friday 27th March 


Hi everyone, I hope you’re well! I hope you’re being good and helping your mummy and Daddys. 
This morning me and Elodie made slime, we had so much fun! 

I’m so glad it is nice and sunny, it just makes everything seem more cheerful! 
Ezra has been playing with a cardboard box in the garden, have you got any old boxes you could play with? 

I hope you have a lovely weekend! Im missing you all so much! 
Don’t forget to keep in touch and email me on 


lots of love 

Mrs Burns πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸŒˆπŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“

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