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What would it be like to be an explorer?

Our core text for this half term is ‘The Great Explorer’ by Chris Judge. We will also be reading ‘The Lonely Beast’ by Chris Judge in our guided reading sessions. 
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In Geography we are learning to name the continents of the world. We used globes and atlases to help us identify each continent. We started to think about features of each continent and what types of animals might live there.
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We went to Primet academy with our friends from St Thomas’ as part of building bridges. We enjoyed meeting new friends, doing sports and learning things about other people. We will meet up with our friends from St Thomas’ throughout the year. 
We showed Our knowledge of the 4 seasons through art. We showed what the trees look like in each season and discussed the changes with an adult. We will use our beautiful artwork to make a calendar for our families. 
We enjoyed a day of storytelling with Mr Toad. We created explorer puppets and took them on an adventure through the 7 continents. We thought about which animals they might meet along the way and told the story of what happened. 
In DT we are going to design and make a sandwich for an explorer to take on a journey! We began by tasting lots of ingredients for our sandwich, we decided which we wanted to use and then designed our sandwiches. 
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