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What would it be like to be an explorer?

At the beginning our this half term, we read a book called The Great Explorer by Chris Judge. We learned about a boy named Tom who one day found out that his dad was lost in the North Pole! After thinking carefully about the decisions we would make if we were Tom, we wrote our own explorer stories.

To help us with our stories, our friend Toad came to our class for a day and kindly help us to design our characters. We built base camps for them in the forest school and then thought of lots of different adventures they could go on. Using the things we found in the forest school, we used our imagination to create obstacles and problems for our characters to overcome. 


After our story unit, we learned about Captain Robert Scott and his adventures to Antarctica. He wanted to be the first person to reach the South Pole. We found out that although he eventually reached the South Pole in March 1912, he was beaten by the Norwegian Roald Amundsen and sadly died along with two of his crew as they tried to return to base camp. We compared the two men and looked at the differences between explorers then and now.


Toad's Visit

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Click to watch a short video of what we did when Toad came to our class.


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We were very lucky to have Miss Smith, who is an amazing local artist, working with us this half term. She helped us with our study of David Hockney and inspired us to produce our own landscapes in a similar style.
Click the video to see some of our work and let us explain what we did.
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