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Where do I belong?

This half term, we thought about where we belong: our family, our school and our community.

In geography, we studied maps and aerial photographs of our local area to identify landmarks, find where we live and describe our routes to school. In science, we learnt about animals including humans and how we can stay healthy. In history, we investigated what life in Nelson would have been like during Victorian times. We talked a lot about kindness and respect during our collective worship sessions and learnt about Christianity; the stories Jesus told and how Christians believe he taught others to be kind to one another. 

The artist that we studied was Amedeo Modigliani who is famous for painting portraits in a very unusual style. We practised adding texture to our sketches in different ways. We hope you like our final self-portraits!

In literacy, our key text was Big Bad Owl by Steve Smallman. We looked closely at the main character, Scowl,  and how he compared to characters in other books that we read.

In our maths lessons, we focused on number, place value, addition and subtraction.



In science, we looked at what animals including humans need to survive. We found out that all animals need food, water, warmth, air and shelter to survive and that we would still be able to live without a Playstation! We learnt about the importance of a balance diet and the different food groups. We investigated our favourite fruit and tried some more unusual ones (with some of us more enthusiastic than others). We also tested to find out if the oldest children have the biggest feet as well as how our bodies change when we exercise.

Steven Lewis Neil came to teach us about funghi and how it grows. He also brought along his mice which was very exciting! We carried out a test to see which foods they like best. Can you think what they might be? By the way, it isn't cheese!

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