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Gustav Klimt

We have been learning about the artist Klimt and looking at his work on trees. Our favourite was his 'tree of life' because we liked the way the branches swirled towards the sky. 

Gustav Klimt - 'tree of life'

Gustav Klimt - 'tree of life' 1
We tried to recreate Klimt's spirals and swirls using a variety of techniques. 
Picture 1
Picture 1

Autumn Poetry

We have been looking at and talking all about the changes in our environment in autumn and have been writing our own autumn poems. We read the story 'Ferdie and the falling leaves' and we had lots of fun throwing leaves around to watch how they moved to the floor. They didn't just drop ... they floated, drifted and even danced!

Autumn Art

Autumn Art  1
Autumn Art  2
Autumn Art  3
Autumn Art  4
Autumn Art  5
Autumn Art  6
Autumn Art  7
Autumn Art  8
Autumn Art  9
Autumn Art  10

We put nature to work and used all the items we collected on a nature walk to create some fantastic autumn art!

Picture 1

Jacqui Smith 

We are very lucky to be working alongside the artist Miss Smith who is teaching us all about pop art. We have been using media called funky foam and styrofoam to produce a variety of printing techniques. Take a look...


We have also been creating portraits in a Pop Art style using dots to add colour.

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