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The Body and our senses

We have been learning all about our body and our senses, talking about its functions and thinking about which body parts we use to taste, touch, smell, see and hear. We conducted an investigation to see whether we could use our senses to identify different objects and food. Our favourite station was the tasting table!  

Are we all the same?

We investigated whether we are all the same by measuring our hand spans, how tall we are and how far we can jump. Our results showed us that we are all different and we talked about how we should celebrate and embrace our differences because if we were all the same life would be very boring!

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A Special Science Visitor 

We started our new animal topic with a bang this week and were visited by the Science specialist Steven Lewis Neil. He taught us all about different animals, where we can find them, what they eat, how they move and lots lots more! We were Scientists and examined some of the animals with microscopes. Some of us were even brave enough to touch and hold them! 

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