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Class 8

Welcome to Class 8!


Our teachers in Class 8 are: Mr Ward, Mrs Ahmed and Mrs Razaq.

We will try to update this page as often as possible so you can see all the amazing learning that we do!

What would it be like to be an explorer?


Our topic this term was all about exploring. We learnt about the continents and oceans, but particularly the Arctic and Antarctic regions. How many continents and oceans can you name?

Our main texts this half term were The Great Explorer, The Lonely Beast and the Queen's Hat. We looked closely at the adventures of the characters and they helped to inspire our own stories. They also helped us to write some instructions.

In our History lessons, we learnt about Captain Robert Scott and his exploration of Antarctica and quest to become the first person to reach the South Pole.

We enjoyed going outside to design and build shelters using materials that we found in our school environment.

Steve Brown came to our class and helped us to write a song about 'The Not So Lonely Beast'; a rumpus-loving creature who disturbed Saif's sleep!

In our Forest School sessions, we learnt about physical features such as mountains, lakes, rivers and trees and developed our map-reading skills.

Can you guess what we were acting out?

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