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Outdoor Learning

Word hunting in the woodland area

Magic with measures

Learning about position and direction

Castle Adventures with Mr Toad

This week we worked on our story telling skills with Mr Toad. We created our own characters, built them a shelter and created our own story maps using lots of different artefacts and interesting items. 

Autumn Nature Hunt

To appreciate and learn about this beautiful season we went on an autumn walk to observe the changes around us. We discovered some wonderful colours, textures and sounds.

Potion Scavenger Hunt

We came across a mysterious recipe in the woodland for a witches potion!!! We worked in teams to collected all the items that were needed and we created our own instructions whilst we made it. We even sprinkled a little bit of magic in and did a hocus pocus chant to try and get a witchy friend to visit us again. Fingers crossed!

A spot of gardening...

It's bulb planting time ! We had a great time planting our bulbs and are looking forward to seeing them grow in Spring.

Trip to the Cenotaph

After learning all about Remembrance Day and the significance of the poppy flower we took a walk to the Cenotaph to show our respect and appreciation to all the people who lost their lives in the war. 

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