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Our local MP Andrew Stephenson visited school to look at our learning. We interviewed him about his role in our community.
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During Mr Stephenson's visit a member of school council addressed the issue of litter in our local area, particularly some abandoned furniture near our school gates. We were thrilled to receive a letter from Mr Stephenson explaining that he has phoned the council regarding the issue and it should soon be cleared away. Keep a look out on your way to school!
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Meet your new School Council


You have been voting in your classes for your new School Council representatives and we can finally reveal this year's School Council members. They are going to be working hard this year to ensure our school is a safe and happy place to learn.

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Year 1 School Councillors

Year 1 School Councillors 1
Year 1 School Councillors 2
Year 1 School Councillors 3

Year 2 School Councillors

Year 2 School Councillors 1
Year 2 School Councillors 2
Year 2 School Councillors 3

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