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Spring 1 - Hot and Cold

The children really enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year.  They learnt about all the different traditions that are followed and why red and gold are important colours during this special celebration.  The children wanted to take part in a parade, that Mrs Mason showed us, so the children decided to make their own dragon!

The children have continued their artwork with Miss Smith and have been looking at warm colours.  They have also been learning about animals that live in hot and cold countries and producing artwork using different art materials.

This term the children will be working with Miss Smith to produce artwork based on hot and cold.  This week they have been thinking about what are cold colours and using them in their artwork.


The children have enjoyed exploring the frost and ice in the playground.  They enjoyed writing their names, making handprints and drawing Jack Frost.

Our key text this term is Here Comes Jack Frost by Kazuno Kohara.

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