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This Half term in English we are going to be reading a 'Traditional tale' but with a twist! We will be reading Mr Wolf and the three little bears. You may spot some familiar characters on the front cover.


Do you know which traditional stories these characters are linked to?



In maths during this term, we will be learning all about:-

  • Place Value
  • Measure (mass, volume and capacity)
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Money
  • Multiplication and division

As we progress through the weeks we will start to look at measuring scales and use our place value knowledge to round the readings to 10. We will also look at adding and subtracting which will lead us nicely into money in which we will be using coins to make an amount and finding the total of different items. Finishing off with using arrays and sharing to help us with multiplication and division. 



Each half term we learn about famous artists and try to look deeper into their methods and the techniques they would have used. This term our artist in focus is William Morris. He was a British textile and interior designer who was well-known for designing and manufacturing his own goods. We took a closer look at the patterns he created and identified the repeating aspects.





In Geography we have started to look at different human and physical features that can be identified with a traditional tale setting. This link to our English as we are reading traditional tales with a twist! We began by using AI software on the iPads to create fairytale landscapes and sorting the human and physical features we found. 


Which ones can you remember?



In our science learning, we are learning all about living things and their habitats. Take a look at some of the provision that we have set up in our classroom. We will then look at the processes of living things (MRS GREN!) and compare things that are living, dead and things that have never been alive.




The religion we are focusing on in RE is Hinduism, and the practices of Hindu worship. We will think about devotion and explore what and who we are devoted to. We will discuss the different ways we show our devotion and the things that are special to ourselves. We will talk about the different ways we can show gratitude and respect to the people who really matter to us.



In class 7 we are always trying our best and put in lots of effort into all our work. We are SUPER IMPRESSED with our STAR WRITERS! 

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