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Where I Belong (Autumn 1)

In our first half term in Year 2, we are thinking about where we belong - to our families, our communities, our religion, our school, our country, our world, and many more!

Our key text in English is Big, Bad Owl by Steve Smallman. We will use the text to explorer our emotions and think about how the characters might be feeling. The end point of the unit will be for all children to write their own story, based on the existing plot. 

In maths, we will cover place value, addition, subtraction and measures (length and mass). We will practise using the most efficient methods that we can use to help us with calculations - either using a jotting or a mental strategy. The children's reasoning skills will develop and they will begin to explain their thinking using appropriate mathematical vocabulary.

Our science topic is humans and how we grow and stay healthy. We have set up an investigation to see how germs spread and will observe what happens to our bodies when we exercise. We will also test to see if the oldest children have the biggest feet.

In history, we will learn about Nelson and how it has changed over the last 100 years. We will study what schools and shopping were like in the past and record our findings. 

In geography, we will explore our school grounds and our local area and learn the difference between rural and urban areas.

In art, we will study the work of L.S Lowry and Paul Horton, comparing the two artists and using their paintings to inspire our own ideas.


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