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Summer 1 - Spring and Growth

This term the children are learning about the growth of different plants and animals.  Our key text is Jack and the Beanstalk.

Thornton Hall Farm

We had a fantastic day at Thornton Hall Farm.  The children enjoyed becoming farmers for the day; they fed lambs, calves and alpacas.  We had so much fun in the soft play area and the children were so brave to go down the big slides. 

Sports Day

The children had a fantastic time at Sports Day.  They showed all their skills that they have been learning with Miss Farrell.

Hunting for Minibeasts

The children had a fantastic time in Forest School searching for minibeasts.  The ground was a little bit damp beacuse of all the rain, so we found lots of different minibeasts.


We decided to make a minibeast hotel and we made sure it was a very luxurious!  We found slugs, woodlice, centipedes and even a snail.  We were fascinated by the snail and decided to bring it into Class 3 and look after it.  We named him Peter!

Mad About Minibeasts!

In Class 3, we have really enjoyed learning all about different minibeasts.  We have enjoyed going on minibeast hunts and in our classroom we have caterpillars and tadpoles to observe.  Steven Lewis Neill visited and he brought along some other creatures for us to learn about.

Back in the classroom we enjoyed producing art work all about minibeasts.

Planting our 'magic' beans

The children have planted their own bean.  They are learning how to look after their beans by watering them and making sure they have lots of sunlight.  The children will have to wait and see if their beans' were magic!

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