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In September 2021, the teaching of Health and Relationship Education (HRSE) at Primary School was made compulsory. It sits alongside the Personal, Social, Health, Emotional (PSHE)/ Science Curriculum. Within Pendle, our approach is one of ensuring that our learners are provided with the building blocks needed for positive and safe relationships.  This will cover family and friends; how to treat each other with kindness (developing and maintaining positive relationships and dealing with negative relationships) and recognising the difference between online and offline friendships. We will teach this aspect within the context of our aims and values which is part of our wider Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education (SMSC). (Puberty Education will be taught in years five and six and this will be in line with the statutory Science curriculum, but is not relevant for us at Whitefield).



“Pendle Schools, Churches and Mosques are committed to ensuring that children receive accurate and factual information about themselves, their bodies, other people and the wider world including how to get on with other people and how to keep themselves safe and healthy. We believe that this should be delivered in an open, honest and non-judgemental way which will provide children with an awareness of the wider world, in order for them to become good citizens, have healthy relationships and to develop respect, tolerance and understanding of others”.


Within the Pendle Community (within DFE Guidelines) our PSHE and HRE Programmes of Study are designed to help children from all backgrounds build positive and safe relationships, to thrive in modern Britain and to make a positive contribution to society. In consultation with Faith Leaders and Governors, as representatives of our School Communities, we will ensure that topics are handled at an age appropriate level. Local schools, Faith and Community Leaders have worked together to create and commit to the statement below:


Schools have developed their own curriculum based on the National Curriculum statutory guidelines. Schools within Pendle will use their overviews and will make choices on when and in which year group topics will be introduced, suiting the design of their wider curriculum. It is important to note that the curriculum is clearly mapped out to ensure that sensitive topics are taught in an age appropriate way with clear progression. In addition, we will ensure HRSE is matched to the needs of our pupils by taking into account the emotional maturity of the pupils and pitching lessons appropriately.

Presentation for Parents

Here is everything KS1 need to cover in PSHE/ RSE :

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