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Summer 2 - United by Sport

This half term, our whole school summer project is 'United by Sport' and it is focusing on the 2024 Paris Olympics.  In Class 3 we are going to be learning all about France and it's capital city Paris, which is where the Olympics games are going to be held.


In Class 3 we will be learning all about Gymnastics!

Our Gymnastic Studio

In Class 3 we have added our very own Gymnastic studio.  Each week we will be learning different skills, such as balancing and rolling.

Artwork Inspired by Keith Haring

We are looking at the artwork of Keith Haring, a famous American graffiti artist.  His artwork focuses on movement and we are using this style to create our own artwork.

Building the Landmarks of Paris

The children have been building famous landmarks in Paris.  Can you tell what they have built?

Learning French!

We have been learning how to speak some simple French words, such as "Hello", "Thank you" and "Goodbye".  

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