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Week 7

It was really lovely to see what M. Subhan has been doing and all the teachers had a huge smile on their face! M. Subhan has made a very beautiful card for all the teachers in Class 2. Thank you very much M. Subhan, it is very kind and thoughtful of you, and we love your card it's wonderful.

M. Subhan's beautiful card

Hassan has been very busy and he has completed lots of math's learning this week. He has completed working out his addition sums and also finding out the missing numbers. Well done Hassan, keep up the super learning!

Hassan's super math's learning

Shahzar has also been a busy bee and he has been enjoying our new text for this term 'The Naughty Bus'. Shahzar has written a fantastic recount about the 'Naughty Bus' story. We really enjoyed reading your fantastic writing and what beautiful handwriting too Shahzar. He has also worked really hard labelling the different features of a bus and completed some super math's learning too. Keep up the amazing learning Shahzar!

Shahzar's fantastic learning

Aizah has also been enjoying the story the 'Naughty Bus'. She has written some super sentences about the story, well done Aizah. Aizah  has also been busy with her counting and finding out 'one less' than a given number. Keep up the fantastic learning Aizah you are working very hard!

Aizah's super learning

We have been blown away with Shahzar's learning this week. He has been working really hard and has been enjoying our new topic all about transport and vehicles. Shahzar has used his stickle bricks to create his own 'Naughty Bus'. He has also made a wonderful circle and love heart using all his cars at home. Well done Shahzar for also labelling the different parts of a car. You have worked extremely hard Shahzar we are very proud of you!

Shahzar's excellent learning

It is really lovely to see what Ziram has been doing at home. She has drawn a lovely bus just like the 'Naughty Bus' our key text this week. Ziram has coloured it in beautifully. She has also written some super sentences about what happens in the story. Well done Ziram!

Ziram's super learning

Aakifah has also been a very busy bee this week. She has been completing all her math's learning in the learning pack. She has also been working really hard working out which vehicles have wheels and which vehicles have no wheels and stuck the pictures in the correct box. We are very proud of you Aakifah you superstar!

Aakifah's fantastic learning

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Aakifah's chinese dragon

Still image for this video
Shahzar has been super creative at home and he has made the naughty bus! He has created his naughty buses using red coloured paper and also with lollipop sticks, what a fantastic idea Shahzar! We love your buses and well done for writing some fantastic sentences about your 'Naughty Bus'.

Shahzar's naughty buses

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