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Where do I belong?

Our key texts that we will be studying this half term are, Big Bad Owl, Scaredy Squirrel and Manfred the Baddie. We will be learning about different characters and how they behave. We will be comparing the characters and thinking about times when we feel grumpy, afraid, happy and sad. 

Our learning wall has helped us, when exploring the text 'Big Bad Owl' this half term

In Science we learnt about the importance of eating different types of foods. We planned our own balanced meal and explained reasons for our choices.
We explored the art work of L.S Lowry and Paul Horton. We compared the two and found that although they both liked creating art work of streets, people, towns and cities, the colours they chose and style of art work were very different. We used ideas from their art work to create our own sketches and paintings of our local area. 
In maths we have been exploring place value. We have been using different equipment to represent 2 digit numbers. 
In art we began by sketching some self portraits. We thought carefully about our use of line and shape. 
In history we looked at photos of Nelson in the past. We worked in groups and discussed the similarities and differences between Nelson in the past and Nelson now. We talked about how Nelson has changed over time. 
We have been practicing different types of athletics in P.E. We have been running, jumping, throwing and catching. We also linked our P.E lessons to science and thought about the effect that exercise has on our bodies. 
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