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Our key texts that we will be studying this half term are, Big Bad Owl, Scaredy Squirrel and Manfred the Baddie. We will be learning about different characters and how they behave. We will be comparing the characters and thinking about times when we feel grumpy, afraid, happy and sad. 
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In science we began by thinking about how humans change and grow over time. We discussed the different stages of a humans life and then did an investigation to find out if all 6 years olds are the same size. The children measured body parts and recorded their results in a table. 
In history we have enjoyed finding out about Nelson in the past. We began by using photographs as sources to look at Nelson in the past and we thought about similarities and differences between now and then. 

In science we set up an investigation into the importance of hand washing. We talked about how germs can spread when we don’t wash our hands. We put three pieces of bread into bags, one we touched with gloves on, one with clean hands and one with unwashed hands. We have made predictions about what we think will happen now we are going to observe over time to see if they are correct.

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Picture 1
In art we are working with Miss Smith. We began by looking at pictures in the local area and sketching different buildings. We used sketching pencils to shade our sketches and thought about our use of line and shape.
In forest school we used natural materials to make our bodies. We thought carefully about what to use for each body part and explained our choices to a friend. 
We tried hard in maths to measure using cm. We remembered the learning we did in year 1 and carefully placed our rulers to measure accurately. 
In English we thought about different settings. We collected nouns and adjectives for different settings and used these to write some amazing descriptions!
We celebrated world clean up day by singing a song all about keeping our world healthy and beautiful. 

Planet Defenders

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We continued our art lessons with Miss Smith and we explored the work of L.S Lowry. We used chalk to add colour to our our sketches, we thought about our use of tone and we blended colours together.

We have been reading Manfred The Baddie in our guided reading sessions. We used role play to develop our understanding of the characters. Here we are hot seating Manfred the Baddie!

Hotseating Manfred

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Look how our science investigation has changed! We have been observing changes over time. The bread touch with unclean hands has gone very mouldy. We understand the importance of washing our hands to stop germs spreading. 
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We explored colour mixing and using watercolours to create more artwork in the style of L.S Lowry.
We used drama to show our understanding of the events and characters in Big Bad Owl.

Retelling Big Bad Owl

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In Design and Technology we designed and made puppets for the reception children to use when they read the story ‘There’s only one you.’ 

We went on an exciting trip to Blackburn Museum! We learnt about life in the past and we also learnt about what it was like to work in a cotton mill. Then we became art detectives and we looked for clues that people left about themselves in portraits. 

In Maths we explored 3D and 2D shape. We have been naming shapes and describing their properties. 

We wrote poems based on the sound collector. We wrote about the sounds we might hear in Nelson. Then we used instruments to add some sounds to our poems when we performed them. 

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