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This half term in our English learning we will be reading the text Mr Wolf and the Three Little Bears. You may spot some familiar characters on the front cover of this story, as it is based on some well-known traditional tales. 


Is there anyone that you recognise?




We chose our favourite traditional tale characters and created riddles about them by giving clues. Then, we published these in booklets with a pop-up mechanism to reveal our character.


Have a listen to a few of them below.



Based on the story Mr Wolf and the Three Little Bears, we have been gathering vocabulary and creating a description of the delicious party food at Baby Bear's birthday.


Take a look at some of the WOW words we have included!



We were also EXTREMELY IMPRESSED with our STAR WRITER who was able to effectively include this vocabulary within his writing. We were all left feeling very HUNGRY after reading it!




In our science learning, we are learning all about living things and their habitats. Take a look at some of the provision that we have set up in our classroom.




This half term, we are learning all about the famous artist William Morris who was a British Interior Designer. He was well-known for designing and manufacturing his own goods.



We took a closer look at the patterns he created and identified the repeating aspects.


We then compared the repeating aspect of his patterns with those that can be identified on wrapping paper.


We then used the party items identified in the repeating patterns to design and create our own stamp to use when making wrapping paper for Baby Bear's birthday present.



In our DT learning, we practised the skills needed to make a slot, slider and pop-up. This involved us cutting and sticking the different parts and joining them together to make the working mechanisms.

Considering the skills we learnt last week, we designed our own traditional tale storyboards including slots, sliders and pop-ups. 

We used our design to create the storyboard, including fairy tale settings and characters.



In geography, we discussed the different physical and human features that could be identified within a traditional tale setting.


Which ones can you remember?



We then used these to create our own map including different symbols.



In music, we have been learning a new song called 'I wanna play in a band'. This song is from a different genre of music, known as rock music.



We've LOVED rocking out every Thursday!


Still image for this video

Still image for this video

We have also began adding our own instrumental improvisations into the song using glockenspiels and xylophones.

We performed the song with the rest of Year 2 in our singing assembly on Thursday.

Still image for this video



In PE, we are doing gymnastics with Mr Dave. We have been developing our creative movements, including being able to travel, balance and roll.

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