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Oh no!! Someone has made a HUGE mess in our classroom!!!! We have no idea who did this. The children enjoyed being detectives looking at the clues and trying to identify the suspect. 
In science we have been learning all about animals. We took our learning outdoors and built a habitat for an animal. We worked together in pairs to build a safe habitat for the animal. 
In maths we have been learning about the value of a number. We looked at how many tens and how many ones are in a number. We used concrete equipment to represent the value of the number. 
In science we have been learning all about animals. We have been learning about sorting animals and what they eat. The children had to be investigators and explore some fake animal poo to find out what they eat and classify them as carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. They were super poo detectives!!
Today we have had a wonderful day and we enjoyed our Christmas party. We had a special lunch and played party games this afternoon. Then a very special visitor came to give us all a gift. The children have worked so hard this half term it was lovely to celebrate and have a party together. 
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