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What is it like to be an explorer?

This half term we are doing an author study on Chris Judge. We will be reading the two stories that he wrote, 'The Great Explorer' and 'The Lonely Beast'.

We are working with Burnley Youth Theatre to bring these stories to life. We are acting as characters from the story, sequencing what happens in the story and creating a performance. 

We created a story telling area in our classroom so children could create their own 'explorer stories' with their friends. They have loved using the objects in our story telling chest to make up and write their own stories. 

In Science we have been learning all about materials and their properties. We carried out two investigations to test different materials. The first one was to investigate the best material for an explorer to wrap a sandwich in to go on an adventure. We worked with a partner to make our own sandwich then chose a material to wrap it up in. Some children chose cling film, foil, paper or fabric. After going on our own adventure we found out that the best material is tin foil or cling film.

The second investigation was to find out which material would be best to make a waterproof umbrella for Tom to use on his adventure. We tested different materials and found out that the best material to use would be plastic.

In History we learnt about the life and explorations of Captain Robert Scott. He wanted to be the first man to reach the South Pole. He made it there with his team of men but realised Roald Admunsen had got there before him. Captain Robert Scott is a British explorer and is remembered today for his bravery, determination and courage.

In Music we have been learning the song Ho Ho Ho! We have been using instruments, our voices, rapping and dancing to create a performance. All the children had so much fun participating in our music lessons. If you would like to watch a video of our performance follow the link here:


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