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Our Curriculum Intent- Art


At our school art is an important and integral part of the curriculum. We teach art to stimulate creativity, imagination and as a way for children to make sense of the world they live in. The teaching and learning of art is linked very closely to the acquisition of vocabulary and its meaning, and is considered a strength of the school. Children will experience a carefully planned and varied art curriculum which includes opportunities for them to develop the skills of drawing, painting, collage, 3D and textiles. Staff plan to ensure a progression in the teaching and learning of the elements of art (line, tone, texture, colour and pattern) and provide the children with stimulating resources, including a wide variety of artist’s work from a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds. These resources, including real life drawing and painting opportunities, are chosen purposefully to support and enhance other curriculum areas. All children are encouraged to reflect on and evaluate their own art work, and that of others, and they are supported well by staff so that they are able to reach their full potential. SEND children, in particular, achieve great success in art and this, in turn, raises their self-esteem.

Supporting Art at Home

Art Around Our School

Art in Action

Art in Nursery

Use of sketchbooks in Year 2

Supporting Documents

Our 'Curriculum Overview for Art' shows the artists we study and the pieces of art work that inspire us, across the school.

Our 'Art Knowledge Hands' show the knowledge and skills we expect children to learn and remember in each year group, each half term.

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