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Summer 2- There's Only One You!

For our final term, as a whole school, we will be celebrating the unique skills and differences each one of us has.  Mrs Mason gave each class a special envelope and inside there was a different body part.  When we opened ours, we found out that Class 2 will be focusing on 'nose'.


We have been discussing all the things we can smell using our noses. We took a particular interest in smelling all the different fruits! 



Our key text this term is Oliver's Fruit Salad by Vivian French.

We have been looking closely at smelling all the different fruits. We have then been looking at all the different fruits in detail. Some have small seeds, some fruits have big seeds inside. Some fruits even have seeds on the outside! Some fruits smell sweet but some fruits smell tangy and sour!

We made fruit kebabs by picking out our favourite fruits. They were healthy and delicious!

We then looked at the fruits closely and did observational drawings, looking closely at the shape, size and patterns on the different fruits. We also used oil pastels and watercolours to colour and decorate the fruits.

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