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Here are some extra ideas of activities you could be completing at home:



Smashing ice using hammers to rescue your toys! This will really help with your fine motor development. We often have this activity set out at school in our outdoor water area don't we?



Ice smash



Cutting ideas - again to help your fingers get strong ready or writing when you get back to school.



If you have a garden you could collect natural objects and stick them to lollipop sticks like this. If you don't have a garden you could collect them on a walk for your daily exercise



You could use cardboard boxes to create car parks, garages and ramps for your cars. Make sure you only do this on the bottom few steps of your staircase - we don't want you falling down children!



If you have a younger sister or brother you could help them to sort colours using those ball pit balls if you have any. Just cut holes in a large piece of cardboard and paint around them for your brother/ sister to sort.



If you have any more ideas children then please let me know. I would love to see photos of your learning at home. Please email them to:

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