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Take a look at our learning journey this term

We Love Autumn! 

We have been looking and talking all about the changes that are happening all around us in the beautiful season of autumn. We have been looking in particular at autumn leaves, how they look and how they move when they fall to the ground. We collected leaves, threw them in the air and created a word bank to describe their movements. We then used the vocabulary we collected to write a super autumn poem. 


In DT we have been looking at pop up books and mechanisms. We linked our learning with our geography learning on maps and created our own pop-up map using the key features around the playground. 


In art we have been creating pictures in the style of Pablo Picasso. We looked at his distorted imaged and discussed our opinions and chose our favourite features. We practiced drawing some features like Picasso in our sketch books and then created our own portraits in a similar style. 

Take a look at our Pablo Picasso inspired display board


In Science we worked scientifically and conducted an experiment to see what it would be like if we lost one of our 5 senses. We had to use our sense of taste, touch, smell and hearing to solve different problems. 


We linked our learning in Science to our outdoor learning and made a potion using our senses in the forest school. 

Story Time Imagination 

We have been having a great time listening to and acting out stories through the technology 'Press Play'. The story is told to us through our headphones, and we have to listen and bring it to life with our own actions. We linked this storytime with our outdoor learning about Autumn and went to the forest school after to extend the story and create our own endings. 


Performance Poetry - 'This is my little house'

Still image for this video


In History we have been looking at household items from the past. We have been comparing them to the items we have in our houses today. What talked about how they might be used, what they were made from and how they have changed over time. 

We created a history timeline of the past events in our living memory


In Science we have been learning about which body part is associated with each sense. We went on a senses hunt around school to see what we could hear, see, smell and feel. 


In Science we have been learning about our body parts and their functions. We took turns drawing around each other and labelled everything we had learnt. 

We used our science learning in our writing all about the body.

Outdoor Learning 

This topic we are learning about 'ourselves'. We linked our learning to the artist Pablo Picasso and went to the Forest School to create self portraits using natural materials. 

Outdoor Learning 

This term our school values are 'respect and responsibility'. Each class are responsible for their own 'school planter' so we spent some time gardening, weeding and cutting back the dead plants to make sure it looked its best! 

In history we talked about 'ourselves' and our family tree

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