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Where do I belong?

Our key text that we will be studying this half term is, Big Bad Owl, by Steve Smallman. We will be learning about the different characters in the story and how they behave. We will be comparing the characters and thinking about times when we feel happy, grumpy, afraid or sad.

In art we practiced our skills in shading. We explored different sketching pencils to create shades from light to dark. 

We also looked at the work of L.S Lowry and Paul Horton. We thought about how both artists used colour and talked about the similarities and differences between them. 

In English we have been writing character and setting descriptions. We have been collecting nouns and adjectives to help us with our descriptions. 

In music with Mrs Brunton we learnt about rhythm, pulse and tempo and we started to learn the song ‘Hands, feet, heart.’. We used call and response in our new song and practiced our singing skills. 

In geography we went on a walk around the local area. We talked about different features we saw and collected lots of vocabulary to help with our learning in class. We also thought about the different buildings and their uses as well as looking at the different shapes we saw to help with our art. 

In P.E we are practising basic skills like running, jumping and throwing. We also used our P.E lessons to help us with our science learning. We thought out what happens to our bodies when we exercise and why exercise is important for us. 

We sketched buildings from our local area. We thought about the things we saw on our local walk and used photographs to help us to sketch them. We shaded different parts of the buildings to add detail. 

In DT we have designed some fish puppets based on the story ‘There’s only one you.’ We have thought about what we will need to make our puppets and how we will join our materials together. 

In art we used watercolours to paint a street or house in the style of Paul Horton. We thought carefully about the colours that we would use. 

In science we did an investigations into the importance of hand washing. We touched bread with clean and dirty hands to see what would happen. We found out that germs spread easily and quickly when we don’t wash our hands. 

In science we tasted different foods from different food groups. We thought about which foods were healthy and how we can have a balanced diet. We also gave each food we tried a score!

In maths we have been exploring weight and mass. We used the balance scales and digital scales to weigh different objects using grams and kilograms. 

In Music with Mrs Brunton we have been using instruments to play along to the song Hands, feet, heart. 

We made our fish by following our designs. We decorated them to make them bright and eye catching. We joined our puppets using glue, staples and sewing. 

We are so proud of our finished products! 

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