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Did it really happen?

This half term we will be learning all about the great fire of London. We began by having a fire in forest school. We collected lots of vocabulary about the fire and then used this to write a poem. We also did some observational drawings of the flames. 

In history we looked at lots of pieces of evidence about the fire. We thought about what these sources tell us about the great fire of London and we also thought of questions that we had. 

In English we performed our poems about the great fire of London and we used instruments to add sounds effects. 

In maths we practised measuring accurately in centimetres. We played a game with a partner and estimated different lengths before checking them by measuring. 

In English we read non fiction texts all about the great fire of London. We talked about the features of non fiction and also researched facts about what happened in the great fire. 

In science we are learning about habitats. We sorted animals into the correct habitats and began to think about why they suited to their  habitat. 

To celebrate world book day we took part in a drama workshop. We brought the story of ‘Where the wild things are’ to life using dance and drama. 

In art we used colour to explore the flames in the great fire. We used water colours and chalk pastels to create colour strips. 

In art we used different materials to create a 3D flame with different textures. We then painted our flames to add colour. 

In science we used forest school to make a micro habitat for a minibeast. We thought about what they would need to survive and what the micro habitat would need to provide. 

In R.E we have been learning about Islam and why Muslims believe it is important to obey God. We explored how Muslims pray to God and shared our experiences with each other. 

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