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Clitheroe Castle

We had a fantastic day learning all about knights, dragons, myths and legends at Clitheroe Castle!

We looked around the castle Keep and talked about the different parts of a castle. We learnt about Motte and Bailey Castles and who lived within them. We also explored the myths and legends of dragons and how knights defended themselves. 

Play in a day

Linking with our learning all about superheroes we worked with ‘play in a day’ to create a performance all about ‘justice’ and making right and wrong choices.

Take a look at our very own fantastic super veg and fruit...


We came in on Monday to find a terrible mess in the classroom! We became detectives to look for clues and find out who could have done it! Watch this space for suspect updates!

Exploring the local area 

In Geography we have been looking at where we live and the area of Nelson. We went on a walk around the local area and talked all about the surrounding buildings and their functions. 

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