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Grand Designs

In forest school we were inspired after reading 'Iggy Peck Architect' so we designed and made our own buildings and structures using natural materials. 

In Music with Mrs Brunton we listened to the song 'In the Groove.' We used instruments to play along to the song. We enjoyed listening to 'In the Groove' in different styles of music. Our favourite style was Bhangra. 

We visited the Whitefield canal Bridge over the Leeds Liverpool canal. We sketched the canal bridge and talked about all of its different uses. 

In art we looked at the work of Van Gogh. We sketched the Whitefield bridge and then created artwork in the style of Van Gogh using oil pastels, water colours and silk painting. 

In P.E we enjoyed our topic of gymnastics. We practised different ways to travel, roll and balance and we made a sequence.

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