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Teaching Early Reading

We strive to teach the children the key skills to be able to read, as well as a passion and love for books and reading. We provide an environment conducive to this by ensuring children are exposed to a rich variety of texts, opportunities to share and enjoy books and the role models they need to experience why reading is so great!


Guided Reading is a dedicated, accurately planned session during which children are taught the skills to become confident, independent and motivated readers. Skills we teach include; application of phonics to decode words, self-correction, self-monitoring, omission to work out unknown words, reading for meaning and inference.


We have collated some tips and suggestions to help parents' effectively support their children when reading at home. This Parents' Guide explains the key skills and strategies we use with children to enable them to become independent and confident readers.


Here is a great book list suitable for your children, take a look!

Click below for some information about how children use phonics to support their reading:

Click below to download a key word presentation:

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