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The Perfect Pet

Our Visit from a Tortoise!

In English we have been learning about a tortoise and what it needs to be safe and healthy in its habitat. Mrs Willan brought her pet tortoise in and told us all the things it needs. We also learnt lots of extra facts like 'it is cold blooded' and 'it is a reptile' to help us in our Science learning all about animals. 

In addition to our Science learning all about animals we watched a talk from a bird specialist who showed us lots of different and very beautiful owls. We learnt that not all owls are the same! They can look different, behave different and even have different special skills! 

Remembrance Day

After learning about Remembrance Day, we visited our local Cenotaph in Nelson to lay a wreath and pay our respect to those who died in the war. In our collective worship assembly, we learnt about Muriel Dyson a lady from Nelson who fought and died in the Royal Airforce. We managed to find her name on the cenotaph memorial. 


We have been working with the Scientist Steven Lewis Neil to learn all about the seasonal changes in autumn and what happens to the leaves and trees and why. We compared different leaves and also learnt about the different types of animals that like to hide in the leaves at autumn time. We named and compared these animals looking at their different features. 

Our Trip to Blackpool Zoo

We had a an absolutely fantastic time at the Zoo looking at all the different animals getting ready for our learning this term! We named and talked about all the animals we saw and will be linking our zoo learning to our English and topic work throughout the term. Take a look at some of the things we saw so you can ask us about them at home. We were so tired we nearly all fell asleep on the bus home! 

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