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Outdoor Learning

Seed planting and pond dipping

In topic we are learning about growth. We have planted our own sunflower seeds so we can watch them grow and we went pond dipping to collect tadpoles for our class so we can observe the lifecycle of a frog.

We watched the tadpoles grow into froglets and set them free

Outdoor Adventure

We worked with the outdoor specialist Toad to design our own characters and we designed our own story adventure using natural resources and retold it in the forest school. 

Collecting Nature 

We went on a nature collecting hunt to see what interesting items we could find outside. We collaborated to make a class 4 collage and described the items we found.

Magic Potion Making

Tricky Word Hunt

Looking at seasonal change at the park ...

Mud Monsters

We planned what natural materials we would use to make our mud monsters then we collaborated to collect what we needed and made some fantastic mud characters. Take a look...

Marvellous Medicine Making 

We talked about the Roald Dahl book ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ and what we would put in our medicines if we were to make it. We collected ingredients and equipment we would need from outside and made our own wonderful versions. 

Marvellous Medicine Making

Picasso Portraits

 Linked with our learning on Picasso we went into the forest school and make faces out of natural materials. 

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