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Week 6

What a super start to another busy week!

Hassan has been working very hard completing the activities in his Week 6 learning pack. He has sorted out all the  different shapes correctly and has also done some fantastic writing about the story 'Goldilocks'. Well done Hassan. Mummy also told me that Hassan completed the activities independently! I am so proud of you Hassan you superstar. 

Hassan's super learning...

Shahzar has also been working super hard with his learning. He has also completed the activities in his learning pack. You have done some brilliant shape work Shahzar and it was really lovely to hear that you went for a shape hunt around your house, it sounds so much fun! Well done for doing some fantastic writing about the Goldilocks story I am really proud of you. Shahzar has also written excellent set of instructions about how to make porridge. Look at his beautiful handwriting and letter formation it's fantastic. Shahzar you superstar! Keep up the amazing learning.

Shahzar's super learning...

Aizah has been enjoying the Goldilocks story and has been watching it on her TV! She has worked really hard to re-tell the story and sequencing the pictures in the correct order. Aizah has also worked really hard with her shape work, you have worked extremely hard Aizah, I am very proud of you!

Aizah's fantastic learning...

Look at what Shahzar has been making... some delicious porridge. It looks absolutely yummy Shahzar with all the strawberries and blueberries! What a healthy and delicious snack you have made. I can see you have had so much fun making the porridge, super porridge making well done Shahzar!

Shahzar's yummy porridge making...


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Aizah has been doing some fantastic writing about the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears. She has tried very hard to write on the lines too, super story writing Aizah. Aizah's mummy told me that she has also been practising her humpty words, we are really proud of you Aizah, keep up the excellent learning. 

Aizah's super learning...

Shahzar has been busy looking at and colouring all the different 3D shapes. He has used different colours to colour in each 3D shape. Look at his beautiful colouring... it's very neat and tidy! Well done Shahzar your colouring is wonderful. 

Shahzar's wonderful learning...

Hassan has been working very hard and he has been writing all about the story Goldilocks and the three bears. He has tried really hard to write his sentences and has remembered his finger spaces and full stops. Well done Hassan, we are very proud of you!

Hassan's lovely learning...

Shahzar has also been a very busy boy. He has completed all of his learning and has done some excellent writing re-telling the story Goldilocks and the three bears. Your writing is very beautiful, Shahzar well done for forming your letters very neatly. Your finger puppets look amazing, we hope you had fun making them. Fantastic learning Shahzar, we are very proud of your super learning.

Shahzar's super learning

Aizah has also been very busy writing about our story this week. She has been trying really hard again to write on the lines, well done Aizah you are doing a fantastic job! Aizah has also completed the 3D shapes colouring. Keep up the super learning Aizah!

Aizah's lovely learning...

It has been really lovely to see all the learning that M. Subhan has been doing at home. He has been working very hard with his mummy completing the remote learning pack. He also used his creative skills to make a boat. Your boat is fantastic M. Subhan well done! Keep up the super learning.

M. Subhan's lovely learning...

Hassan has been very busy, he has completed the activities in the learning pack. Well done Hassan for doing some lovely 3D shapes colouring you have worked very hard. Hassan has also had a go at telling us some instructions how to make porridge, we are very proud of you Hassan! Check out the video!

Hassan's super learning...

Hassan's instructions on how to make some yummy porridge!

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Shahzar has been doing some extra learning at home with his mummy. He has practised drawing and labelling his shapes and he has also been practising to write his name. Your writing and letter formation is beautiful Shahzar! Keep up the excellent learning!

Shahzar's super learning...

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