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Design Technology

Design and Technology is a very exciting subject where children get to become designers, inventors and engineers, and at our school Mrs Williams is the subject leader for DT.


At Whitefield we ensure children have the opportunity to develop their design, making and evaluating skills through a wide range of DT projects. Our curriculum for DT is built to ensure children experience and develop a wide range of skills, covering all areas of the DT. 



Design Technology is a journey of exploration and discovery on the way to producing a finished product. Here are some of ours!

Spring Term 2022


In Year 2, the children have been exploring how levers and sliders work and have learnt about the direction of movements and the mechanisms required to make them work. 

They began by investigating and evaluating a range of existing products by looking at pop up books that use both lever and slider mechanisms to make parts of the picture move. 



The children then designed their own images with a moving mechanism for them to use to help them retell an event from a traditional tale. 

The children created their moving image by selecting appropriate tools and techniques and verbally evaluating their products throughout the making process. 

Gallery of finished products

In Year 1 the children were asked to build a model of a famous UK landmark using natural materials they found in Forest School. The design brief given to the children was that their models had to be able to stand up without collapsing

and easily identified by their friends. The children did a fantastic job with their designs and it was wonderful to see the team work and co-operation that took place during the making process. 



Design and Technology in the early years.

Making houses for the 3 bears

In Nursery the children have been developing their cutting, joining and designing skills through a range of hands on experiences. 
In Reception the children have been designing and evaluating their own leafman characters.
In Year 1 the children have been designing, making and evaluating a parachute for Supertato with a friend. 
In year 2 the children have designed, made and evaluated their own protective covers for an explorer to use. 
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