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Summer 2 - There's Only One You!

For our final term, as a whole school, we will be celebrating the unique skills and differences each one of us has.  Mrs Mason gave each class a special envelope and inside there was a different body part.  When we opened ours, we found out that Class 3 will be focusing on 'hair'.



Our key text this term is I Don't Want Curly Hair by Laura Ellen Anderson.

In Literacy, the children have created a list of adjectives to describe the curly hair.

We will also be looking at Hair Love by Matthew A. Cherry and The Mega Hair Swap! by Rochelle Humes.

The children have really enjoyed accessing our hairdressers provision.  You can have your hair cut and dyed and there's even the opportunity for you to have a wet shave.

For art, the children were fascinated at hair under a microscope.  They really liked the lines and different shapes that they made.


We used different mediums to create our artwork.

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