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Grand Designs (Spring 1)

This half term our topic is 'Grand Designs', where we will be looking closely at buildings, construction and architecture around our local area and beyond.


We have started our new topic by looking at our school logo and discussing why we have a picture of the Whitefield Bridge. Over the coming weeks we will be finding out more about the Whitefield Bridge's construction and history and how we use it today to take us from home to school.   

Our core text this half term is:

In art we are focusing on the artist Vincent Van Gogh. We have been looking closely at his painting 'Langlois Bridge at Arles'. We have been making observations about the painting and the techniques used by Van Gogh. We made a list of adjectives and nouns about his painting and asked a range of questions. 



Next we looked at the texture in his artwork and thought about how we could create texture using different media, such as water colours and oil pastels, bubble wrap and felt pens, fabric and tissue paper.  Then labelled how the different textures felt. 

As part of our history and art learning we talked to the 'Whitefield Bridge' to learn all about the bridge. We discussed what it was made from, how people travel over it now and how they might have used the bridge in the past, how old the bridge is and how it would have been built nearly 229 years ago! We then took some time to do an observational sketch of the bridge, looking carefully at the line, shape, and detail. 

In Maths, we have been learning about number and place value. We have been making numbers using tens and ones and finding ten more and ten fewer. 

As part of our topic grand designs we had a Lego creative workshop. We built our own buildings and then worked collaboratively to create a town. We had to think carefully about how we placed the bricks to make sure our buildings were strong and secure and didn't fall down. 

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