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What would it be like to be an explorer?

This half term our core text is 'The Great Explorer' by Chris Judge. 

We started by writing a poem about an explorer. We thought carefully about the adjectives used. We then learnt about the character Tom. We discussed and collected vocabulary about his character. We then wrote a character description. We looked at the setting and created a word bank to write a setting description.

In D.T we have been set with the task to make Tom the explorer a bag to carry his belongings. Look at the pictures to see the process.

We have been making our bags. When making them, we have been looking closely at our design.

We visited 'Outdoor Elements' and had a day being an explorer! We had to build a den before the storm came, we made bread and cooked it around the camp fire. We also did some problem solving activities where we had to work as a team. What a great day we had!

In Science we are learning about Materials. We have been finding out about different materials, what they are used for and their properties. 

We had a visit from Steven Lewis Neille.  We explored seasonal change and investigated how seeds that fall in autumn spread to allow for new growth. We made seeds! We then tested them to see which was the slowest. We observed and adapted them. We changed the weight and length of wings. We tested them against each other.

We were very lucky to have a visit from a real explorer! Rauf went on a exploration to K2 in Pakistan. He explained that he was sat watching a programme about K2 one day and thought 'I want to do that!' Rauf talked all about his journey and how hard it was. He even brought a piece of rock back to show us. We asked lots of questions and Rauf ended by saying 'dare to dream!'

In History we are learning about Captain Robert Falcon Scott. We started by looking at a picture on the Seesaw App. We asked questions and made inferences. We recorded these and attached the recordings to the picture.

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