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At our school Maths encourages children to become confident and resilient mathematicians, who are able to use mathematical vocabulary, reasoning skills and knowledge in a variety of contexts. The maths curriculum is rooted in practical experiences to ensure a solid sense of number, fostering a lifelong love of maths that will prepare children for life beyond our school.

Please spend time watching our help videos. These will be so useful when you are helping your child at home.

Please ask your child’s teacher if you are unsure of what to do to help your child.

Your child will sing Number Fun songs at school. Click on the link and sing along to a selection of these songs.

Autumn term 1

Lots of super learning has been going on this half term. We are very proud of the children.


Year 1

Year 2

Maths in EYFS is very practical. The teachers work hard to set up dedicated Maths areas that allow the children to explore number and shape. The children work with the early years staff daily where they are encouraged to count, add and take away a variety of different objects. We encourage the children to explain what they are learning, using the correct mathematical vocabulary.

In key stage 1 all children follow the Red Rose Mastery, scheme of learning. This was designed and written by a group of Lancashire maths consultants. If you would like more information please see Mrs Wilkinson, Mrs Mason or your child’s class teacher.

We will be holding classes for parents later this term to give you more information.

A snapshot of our Maths in Key stage 1

Year 1 Looking at place value

Download this document for a maths glossary guide

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