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There's only one you!

For our summer project ‘There’s only one you’ each class was given a different body part as a starting point. Class 9 were given a mouth. 

We had a discussion about what this made us think of and decided to focus on ‘speaking out’. We will focus our learning on all of the things that we feel we need to speak up about. In particular we will focus on climate change and now we can try to use our voices to save the world. 

In art we began by sketching trees. We first sketched a healthy fully grown tree and then we sketched trees that had been chopped down by deforestation. 

We used watercolours to create a picture of a healthy, clean earth. We discussed what we wanted the world to look like if we looked after it properly. 

We enjoyed a visit from a local scientist to help us with our learning. We worked on making comparisons in science using observations and hands on experiences. We also linked our learning to out summer project and talked about the mouths of different animals.

In science we learnt about the importance of good oral hygiene. We learnt about how we can keep our teeth healthy and look after them properly. We also did an investigation into the amount of sugar in drinks. We were shocked to see how much sugar was in some of our favourite drinks and we talked about healthy choices we could make instead. 

In English we used drama to act in role as the characters from ‘Greta and the Giants’. We thought about how the characters would be feeling at different parts of the story and what they might say. We then used our drama lesson to help us write speech for the different characters. 

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