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Week 4

Hello Children,


Another week of some excellent learning this week. Check out the lovely pictures below of your friends super learning at home.

Hassan has been working really hard with his math's learning. He has been working his way through the learning pack and has been finding out one less and one more than a given number. He has also been using his phonics to write some words which have the sounds 'ng' and 'th'. Keep it up Hassan you are working extremely hard. We are very proud of you.

Hassan's super learning...

Shahzar has also been completing his learning pack and has worked super hard at home. Check out what he has made with his molecules kit... He has made and wrote his name with it, what a creative thing to do! We are really really proud of you Shahzar you are doing some excellent learning, keep it up.

Shahzar's creations...

Shahzar has been a really busy bee again. He has been using his creative skills and has made such an amazing colourful farm with all the animals. It is absolutely wonderful Shahzar! He has also been working really hard with his phase 3 phonics sounds and completing the activities in his learning pack. Keep up the super learning Shahzar you are doing great.

Check out Shahzar's amazing learning...

Aakifah has been working super hard with her learning at home. She has completed some super phonics learning, and working out 'one more and one less' than a given number. Her butterfly colouring is so beautiful too! Well done Aakifah, you are working extremely hard, keep up the fab learning.

Aakifah's super learning...

Shahzar has done some more excellent learning at home. He has been very very busy working out his number bonds to 10 and making some lovely repeating patterns. He has also been working very hard with his phase 3 phonics sounds. I absolutely love your 'Butterfly Life Cycle', you have written some super sentences well done. Keep up the fantastic learning Shahzar, you are doing an excellent job!
Aizah has been working super hard this week. She has been completing the activities in the learning packs too and has completed some super phonics learning. Aizah has also been working really hard with her math's learning. Her mummy told me she has a special math's book which has been helping her to complete some super math's learning. Keep up the excellent work Aizah, we are very proud of you.

Aizah 's fantastic learning...

Hassan has completed some more fantastic learning. He has completed his math's activities and his phonics activities. Hassan you have been doing some super counting, keep up the amazing work!

Hassan's fab learning...

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