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Our Vision

Our Mission Statement

At Whitefield Infant School and Nursery  we are all learners – staff, children, governors and parents. We learn from each other. We learn with each other. We learn together. We are a learning community. Teaching and learning is enriched by our links with establishments and people in our local community and around the world.
Creativity and originality is encouraged. It is supported by a strong commitment to investing in the professional development of all staff and working with parents, agencies and professionals outside school. The safety and well being of all children and those working in school is paramount.
In our school, we believe that the moral, social, spiritual, cultural, emotional and intellectual development of each child is of key importance. Within an inclusive environment we promote an ethos of care through respect for oneself, respect for each other and respect for the environment.
We endeavour to provide an enriching, secure environment and a broad, creative and balanced curriculum. In doing so, we feel that we will succeed in our mission of raising the achievement of all our pupils whilst acknowledging the uniqueness of the individual child.

Our Aims

 To enable children to:
  • Develop an enthusiasm for learning and to be a successful learner.
  • Recognise good behaviour through positive encouragement.
  • Develop a sense of responsibility for their own actions.
  • Develop harmony, respect and appreciation between children of different backgrounds.
  • Become independent, self-confident learners.
  • Develop respect for the environment in which they live and endeavour to become responsible citizens.
  • Develop in all areas, moral, physical, spiritual, social, emotional and intellectual.
To provide a curriculum which:
  • Enables each child to be challenged and reach their potential in all areas of the curriculum.
  • Is broad and balanced, where clear learning objectives are established and broadcast to the children.
  • Provides opportunities for children to develop creativity.
  • Is delivered enthusiastically, utilising the expertise, knowledge, skills and talent of all staff effectively and which is evident in a variety of teaching methods.
  • Provides focused learning tasks / activities which take into account each child’s learning pace, style and abilities.
  • Has high expectations of pupil achievement and celebrates the success of all.
  • Is inclusive and takes into account the specialist support which our E.A.L. pupils, special needs children and children with particular abilities require to access all areas of the curriculum.
To create a school community which:
  • Promotes the school as a vital part of the community by establishing a strong partnership with pupils, parents, staff and agencies within the community.
  • Creates a safe, happy, secure learning environment where each child’s contribution is valued.
  • Values each person’s individuality and ensures that the concept “we are all learners” is embedded into the life, work and ethos of Whitefield Infant School and Nursery.
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