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Marvellous Me! (Autumn 1)

Our first half term topic this year is 'Marvellous Me'. This theme is a great way of starting our new journey in Year 1 and helps us to focus on what is amazing and unique about us and the importance of friendship and family.


Our core text is What Will Danny Do Today? By Pippa Goodhart

English - This half term our main focus is on orally composing our sentences before writing them down, letter formation, using phonics to segment words we want to write, using finger spaces, capital letters at the beginning of a sentence and full stop at the end.  

In science we are learning about Humans. We talked about our bodies and labelled all the different parts. We talked about why we have them and what they help us to do. 

In our outdoor learning we have been using natural materials to create self portraits linked to our science and art learning. We thought carefully about the parts of our faces. 

As part of our art learning we are learning about portraits. We looked in mirrors at the features that we have and practised sketching our eyes, nose, ears and mouths. Then we drew a self portrait of ourselves. 

We looked at the artist Pablo Picasso who was an abstract artist. We discussed his artwork and the colours, lines and shapes he used. We talked about how they look different to our portraits. We then used viewfinders to look closely at the lines and shapes in his portrait of the Weeping Woman. 

In geography we have been learning about our local area. We walked around the perimeter of our school and identified the physical and human features we could see including, The Leeds and Liverpool Canal, Terraced Houses, Every Street and Pendle Hill.  

We have loved working together and using our construction area to make buildings from our local area. 

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