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Summer Project - 'There's Only One You'

For our final term, as a whole school, we will be celebrating the unique skills and differences that each one of us have.  Mrs Mason gave each class a special envelope during assembly time and inside there was a different body part.  When we opened ours we found out that Class 1 will be focusing on 'eyes'.



Our key text this term is 'Eyes That Kiss in The Corners' by Joanna Ho



Some supplementary texts include : 


We have been looking closely at our own eyes and the eyes of others. We completed observational drawings of human eyes, noticing size, shape and colour - we then compared them to animal eyes.

We used charcoal, chalk pastels and paints to explore different artistic effects such as smudging and colour mixing. We have acquired lots of new language relating to size, shape, colour and form.

After studying animal eyes the children asked:


'How do we know that animals don't need glasses?'


We thought this was a very good question!!

The children wanted to ensure that all creatures were looked after and had all their needs met, so we decided to make some little glasses for the animals using pipe cleaners, cellophane and tape - we  applied our joining and DT skills. We then sketched our animals with glasses on to help them see clearly :

In English lessons we have been using the Reggio, open-ended recycled materials to recreate our own eyes on a large scale.

We have been applying our Phase 3 digraphs and trigraphs to write labels and captions describing our creations.

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