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In science we have been learning about ourselves and the parts of the body. We enjoyed exploring the KS1 forest school and using natural materials to create a portrait of our faces. 


We also talked about our senses and the different body parts we use for each sense. We really enjoyed carrying out our sense of taste experiment where we tried a range of different foods and thought of adjectives to describe their taste.





In Maths we have been exploring the value of different numbers and how they can be represented in many different ways.





This half term we have been working with our local artist Miss Smith who has been teaching us a range of new art skills. We have used our new skills to create self portraits using lots of different media and materials.




We have been exploring our local area around the perimeter of our school. We had a look around our school grounds to see what human and physical features we could see. We then used this knowledge to create a 3D pop up map using our DT skills to create hinges to join each photo to our map. 

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