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Here are some ideas for maths learning at home. Before we left school we were learning about different ways to make up numbers e.g number bonds to 10.


How many ways can you make 10 using objects you find at home? You could collect every day items such as tins/ buttons/ stones etc.


How many ways can you make 10?


This is our maths area - do you recognise it?


​​​​​​​Maybe you could recreate this at home. 



Mrs Burns's little girl has been making number bonds to 10 using her painted nails!!!


Can you do this at home too?



Number sorting


 Stick numbers to your fridge. Sort them into envelopes. You could even extend this activity and put some addition number sentences on your envelopes e.g put the number 6 inside the "4+2" envelope.





Bean-bag maths


Throw a bean bag at a number chosen by your Mum/ Dad. You could extend this activity by throwing the bean-bag at the number that totals 5+3. Or throw a bean bag at the number that is 9-4


Can you do this at home on your stairs or kitchen floor?



Easter addition/ subtraction


 Mrs Hutchinson's favourite. Eat the eggs as you complete subtraction number sentences:


Addition number sentences using cutters if you have any at home



Some more ideas:



Let me know if you find any more maths ideas - or even better you could send me some of you completing them at home!


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