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Looking After Nelson

Our core text this half term is ‘Tidy’ by Emily Gravett. 

In science we are learning all about materials, we took part in an investigation to see which materials would float and which would sink. 

This half term we will be working with Burnley Youth Theatre to take part in drama activities. We will develop our speaking and listening skills as well as developing our confidence and teamwork. In our first session we thought about how animals would be affected by littering in the forest. We acted out how this would make them feel and what people can do to help. 

We enjoyed a visit from Steven Lewis Neille to help us with our science topic about materials. We made a home for a mouse using different materials and we thought about why certain materials would be better to use than others. Then we tested our homes with a mouse to see if they liked it! 

In maths we learnt about fractions. We used a piece of bread to see how many different ways we could cut it into quarters. We tried hard to make four equal parts. 

We looked at the artwork of Rodrigo McCoubrey and Michelle Reader who used recycled materials in their art. Then we used recycled materials to create our own artwork. We thought carefully about how we could use different textures to add detail to our animals.

We picked up litter from the streets around our school. We were quite shocked to see how much litter there was! We have written letters to the local council asking them to put more bins around our school to help keep our streets clean. 

In forest school we made designed and made nests for birds to help us with our English text 'Too Much Stuff'. We thought about what the birds would need and then we wrote some instructions for how to build a birds nest. 

We enjoyed a visit from 'Turtle Bea.' They explained how we can use less plastic to help save our planet. We talked about how we can reuse plastic and we learnt how to be more eco-friendly. 

We took part in a design and make challenge at home. Look at our fantastic bird feeders! 

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