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Whole-School Project (Summer 2)

Celebrating Diversity
This year, our whole-school project celebrates diversity and how we are all different to one another. Each class have been assigned a body part as a stimulus for learning, with the children discussing what they want to learn about. At the end of the term, we will showcase all of our learning at our end-of-year carnival. 


Class 8 were given legs as our stimulus. We thought about the different things we can do with our legs, different movements we can perform and things we could do e.g. go on adventures and explore. We also thought about sportspeople that we know and who we want to find out about.


We began our English learning with poetry. First, we thought about all the different things that we can do with our legs. Then we thought about the places where we could do those things. Using a given structure, we created list poems, including verbs, adverbs, prepositions, adjectives and nouns. Thinking about how we are all different, we considered how people with disabilities can still do those things when their legs don’t work the same as ours, or even when they have no legs. We created more poetry highlighting how brave and determined people with disabilities are. 

Our key text is On the Way Home by Jill Murphy. First we made predictions about what will happen in the text and linked it to our own experiences and other familiar books. We analysed the story and collected our favourite words and phrases that Jill Murphy uses to entertain the reader. Eventually, we will use it to describe characters and write our own versions using the basic plot. We are hoping to perform the story that we create in our shared writing at the end-of-year carnival. 


Following the children’s interest in sportspeople from the start of the half-term, we have decided to research Marcus Rashford. We have read a story about his life and the amazing work that he did during the pandemic to help vulnerable children. To provide a historical context, we will compare his life with Pele - one of the greatest footballers of all time - and his life growing up in Brazil.


We have begun creating digital art and have practised our photography skills. We will take action shots and use them to aid our writing in English. So far, we have practised capturing action shots of each other on the trim trail. We have also experimented with editing them using different filters.


We decided to investigate who has the fastest and most powerful legs in the class. We made predictions based on our knowledge from P.E lessons and carried out fair tests to find the results. It was great to see many children determined to beat their personal bests.
We will carry out a scavenger hunt to find out about the different minibeasts that live in our forest school, grouping them according to the amount of legs they have. 

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