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Remote Home Learning

Hello children!


Welcome to our Class 2 Bubble! And welcome to your home-learning.


This is all of your lessons for the next 2 weeks. It is not quite the same as being in your classroom, but we know you will do your best and try to complete all the lessons.


For each day, there is a lesson for Phonics, Literacy, Maths and Topic.


You can see the online links you will need for each lesson and the learning you need to complete.  Some of the learning has a worksheet - you can click on the link to print your own, or alternatively you can use the sheets behind the daily planning sheets


We hope you enjoy your learning and are looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday 3rd November. 


Keep safe everyone,


Mrs Mansoor, Mrs Hussain and Mrs Sanderson


If you have any queries or concerns then please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Mansoor on:

Click on the weekly icon for all the lesson and resources you will need:

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