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Remote Home Learning

Hello children!


Welcome to your home-learning.


This is all of your learning whilst you are at home. It is not quite the same as being in your classroom, but we know you will do your best and try to complete the lessons.


For each day, there is a lesson for English,  Maths and topic. 


You can see the online links you will need for each lesson and the learning you need to complete.  Some of the learning has a worksheet, which is in your learning pack.


Your teachers will give you a telephone call during the week to see how you are getting on.  If you need any help or have any questions please email please send them to the following email: 



We hope you enjoy your learning.


Best wishes,


Mrs Mansoor

We now have a variety of different educational websites we can use in school and at home. Please check  your child's reading record to find their log in username and password for the following websites:


Oxford Reading Owl

Visit and type in the username and password in your child's reading record. Once you are logged in there are many books you can choose from to read and home, discuss and answer questions about. You can select a book from the coloured book bands that matches your child's home reading book.


If we have a lot of interest for Oxford Reading Owl at home Mrs Leighton is able to subscribe to the website to enable us to have hundreds more books, so please give us your feedback on the website and let us know if you have found it useful at home. Thank you!


Busy Things

Follow the link to and type in the username and password that can be found in your child's reading record. The children are already very familiar with busy things and there are many educational games children can play to support them with their reading, writing, phonics and maths.



Espresso is an educational website with videos, activities and books linked to the curriculum. Visit and type in the username and password that can be found in your child's reading record. They can then watch videos and complete activities linked to the learning we have been doing in class.

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