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Week 3

I am so impressed with all of the fantastic remote learning that has been emailed in this week!

Take a look below:


Aryaan has been working very hard this week with all of his remote learning. Aryaan's mummy has told me that Aryaan has a fantastic attitude towards all of his learning and always tries his best. Well done Aryaan!


As you can see Eesa has contributed a lot to our remote learning gallery this week. Well done Eesa for all of your hard work and your fantastic attitude towards your learning!


Well done Faizan for always giving 100% to all of your learning. I have been particularly impressed with your amazing aiming skills in the video of you completing this week's PE activity. Keep it up!


A huge 'well done' to Fatima for her fantastic learning this week. I am so impressed by your creativity and attention to detail. Keep up the good work!


Thank you to Hamid's family for getting in touch today to share all of this super learning! I am so proud of Hamid for his hard work and mature attitude towards his remote learning. Keep up the good work Hamid!

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