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At our school Geography teaches an understanding of places and environments. Our children learn about their local area and beyond. Through carefully planned and sequenced teaching our children become motivated to find out about the diversity of places, people and environments. The development of vocabulary is paramount at Whitefield and through teaching and learning opportunities meaning is given to a wide range of geographical vocabulary. We seek to inspire our children to be curious about the world around them.

Geography is taught as part of topic work within our curriculum. Through our Geography teaching we aim to further develop the children’s natural curiosity about the amazing world we live in. We aim to develop a responsible and caring approach to our world and all living things.


The school grounds and local area are used by all year groups for a range of practical activities and enquiry-led learning. This starts in the Early Years with their daily outside learning opportunities and is further enhanced by local walks and educational visits to places such as Thanet Lee Woods in Burnley. In Year 1 the children use the school grounds and explore the wider locality and  in Year 2 they our town with other localities overseas.

In Geography this term all children will be learning about their local environment. EYFS will be visiting Victoria Park, Year 1 will be learning about the streets around our school and Year 2 will be visiting The Shuttle in the town centre and looking at the features of Nelson centre.

Our Geography Learning

In Nursery, the children have been looking at the seasons and also comparing hot and cold countries.

In Reception, the children have been learning all about the different seasons.  They have also walked around the local area looking at the different features they can see and produced a map with labels.

Key Stage 1

In Year 1, the children develop their map skills by producing a simple map showing their journey from home to school.  They also used ICT to plan a journey through school.  The children have used their developing geographical language to label the physical features of the local area and went on a local walk to the Cenotaph. 



In Year 2, the children have been using 'Google Earth' and 'DigiMap' to look at the local area.  They located their house on their street and used images to make a poster about Nelson.  The children learnt about the seas and different continents and used a globe to locate the North and South Pole.  They looked at the routes of different explorers, in particular, Captain Robert Scott.



Some useful websites:

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